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In 2023, we have been given the opportunity to develop the space in front of the old canteen at Tegel Airport, into the capital's newest cultural venue. Now we are opening the doors for new ideas! Together with (ASP1), (ASP2), (ASP3), we are inviting collectives, associations and initiatives to realize their musical or subcultural projects. 



From June 1-14, 2024, collectives and associations of collectives wishing to hold an event, workshop or one-day festival at the TXL location can apply to our Open Call. The selected formats will receive the space rent-free, as well as XXX€ for full-day and XXX€ for half-day formats.

Funding will be provided for non-commercial cultural project ideas, in particular for subculture and club culture in the fields of music, film, photography, peace and remembrance culture, media and new media, related forms and interdisciplinary projects as well as activities in civil society and activism. In particular, projects that focus on diversity, sustainability or inclusion and are part of the club or subculture are to be supported.

Applicants should be initiatives, associations or artists with expertise in the areas of diversity, anti-discrimination and awareness. An independent jury will pick the winners. 



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